Choreography Competition

The choreography competition is a great opportunity for pupils of all ages to use their dance ideas and creativity to choreograph their own dance piece.

The following rules apply:

  • Any style of dance can be used.
  • The choreographer(s) can choose whether or not to appear in their own work.
  • The age of the choreographer(s) determines which age group the piece is entered into.
  • Pupils may enter and appear in as many pieces as they wish.
  • All choreography must be original and not copied from other work.
  • Dances must be between 1-3 minutes in length.
  • Any style of music can be used, providing the track does not contain any inappropriate language or references.
  • Pupils are free to wear costumes if they wish.


Previous Primary Winners

2017             Delilah Sweetland

Previous Junior Winners

2018             Eryn Delieu

2017             Frances Welsh, Lucinda Wicks & Rebecca Yeowell

2016             Florrie Hogg & Isabella Lawes

2015             Abigail Cantwell & Megan Cantwell


2014            Daisy Bird & Lauren Beardsell

2013            Pippa Hale & Milly Watmough

2012            Alice Bird & Elizabeth Linton

2011            Emily O’Leary & Ella Warmerdam

2010            Sienna & Sofia Marino

2009            Emily Dettmar & Hollie Duligall

2008            Katy Pinnell

Previous Senior Winners

2018            Pippa Hale

2017            Elliott Brady

2014            Megan Kiely & Pippa Hale

2013            Imogen Sandford

2012            Megan Kiely featuring Rebecca Cole, Sophie Eustace, Toni Kemp – Smith & Chloe Langan

2011            Jessie Belton & Imogen Sandford

2010            Gianna Ormerod & Lyric Royce

2009            Lois Frisby, Amy Gipps & Kelly Robinson

2008            Jade Bennett & Victoria Randall