Our very own Principal, Madeline Stoller, was awarded Youth Worker of the Year 2018! Madeline was thrilled to have received so many votes from parents and pupils, past and present. 



In 2016, senior pupil, Emily Dettmar, was awarded an Arts Grant by the Broxbourne Arts Forum.

Graduate pupils, Jess Belton & Imogen Sandford were also awarded grants in 2010.




The Stoller School of Dancing


Following The Stoller School of Dancing’s 2017 Annual Award Ceremony, awards were presented to the following pupils;

Most Improved Awards

Beatrice Manson, Abigail Reynolds, Anjelica Whitesman, Annabelle Mihajlovic, Grace Turner, Amelie Van Riemsdijk, Oliwia Sczepaniak, Haydn Eldridge, Elicia Mark, Isabella Clayden-Smith, Sydney Roberts, Rebecca Yeowell, Kiera Griggs, Millie Carter, Blake Ariyo, Maddison Green, Carrie Atkins, Lexie Wallis, Chloe Carter, Noah Brignull, Kacie Knight, Lily Sack, Eden Milne, Rebecca Varney, Rosie Cannon, Brooke Mills, Daisy Johnson & Georgie Everett

Highest Achiever Awards for Ballet

Delilah Isaac, Claudia Seddon, Pippa Hale, Paige Evans, Lily Foster & Grace Hagan

Highest Achiever Awards for Tap

Alexandra Clayden-Smith, Ava Taylor, Elizabeth Linton, Olivia Beswick, Chloe Morris & Leonie Ormerod

Highest Achiever Awards for Modern

Delilah Isaac, Claudia Seddon, Pippa Hale, Macey Marchant, Eryn Delieu & Emily Dettmar

Highest Achiever Awards for Hip Hop

Libby Hughes, Sadie Cooper, Florrie Hogg, Olivia Beswick, Megan Cantwell & Emily Dettmar

Highest Achiever Award for Contemporary

Isabella Lawes

Highest Achiever Awards for Musical Theatre

Juliet Tischkowitz, Kate De La Mare & Millie Johnson

Best All Rounder Awards

Libby Hughes, Lily Foster & Grace Hagan

Dancer’s Dancer Awards

Sadie Cooper, Ava Taylor, Chloe Morris, Elizabeth Linton & Emily Dettmar

The Sara Hill Award For Improved Confidence

Millie Johnson

The Jess Belton & Imogen Sandford Award For Hard Work

Elicia Mark

The Elliott Brady Award For Potential

Delilah Sweetland

The Stoller School Of Dancing Award For Overall Improvement

Rebecca Varney

The Stoller School Of Dancing Award For Performance

Isabella Lawes

The Stoller School of Dancing Award for Commitment

Rosie Cannon

The Stoller School of Dancing Award for Dedication and Achievement

Emily Dettmar