‘’When I first started The Stoller School of Dancing I primarily went to learn how to dance, but it soon became much more than just that. Not only am I always improving my skills through Madeline’s teaching and outstanding choreography, but she has also created this fun yet professional atmosphere, where I forget all my worries and just enjoy every moment of my time there. I soon began to feel like I belonged within the supportive family she has created, and I’ve now met people who have become my closest friends both inside and outside of dancing. I have countless amazing memories from my time at the school (from exams to classes to big productions) that I will never forget, and I’m sure there will be many more of these unforgettable moments to come. I now can’t imagine my week without being there and I believe it has helped shape the person I have become.’’

Victoria Randall (Senior & Adult Pupil)

‘’Madeline is:

  • A great dance teacher
  • Fair
  • Makes up good dance moves
  • Pretty
  • An amazing dancer and singer
  • Kind
  • All you want

I have had so much fun at The Stoller School of Dancing and I would love you to join us, so come on, Madeline is brilliant. If you can’t do classes at Cheshunt you might do Madeline’s Albury classes.’’

Grace Hagan – Age 8 (Junior Pupil)

“What an inspiration – Madeline is a fun, patient and passionate teacher.

She has a lovely affinity with all her students nurturing and encouraging them to enjoy dancing and giving them the confidence to achieve great things. The success of her students and magnitude of her shows is testament to her commitment to achieving the highest standards.”

Parent & Adult Pupil

‘’I’ve been going to Madeline’s adult ballet and jazz classes for the past three years and our Monday night classes kick start my week with the brilliant burst of energy. Madeline’s relaxed yet professional attitude makes everyone feel at ease, and she strikes the perfect balance between running a class that’s fun and sociable with new challenges and ideas to stretch our ability and keep us engaged. She deals effortlessly with the varying talents and levels of expertise in our class, and everyone is made to feel valued. I’d recommend it to anyone.’’

Miss L. Hill (Adult Pupil)

‘’The Stoller School of Dancing isn’t just about fun classes taught professionally, it brings you into a new family, supporting, trusting and helping each other to improve but enjoy every minute of it. Madeline provides an open friendly environment where you will no longer feel self conscious or embarrassed to be yourself. Some of the best years and memories of my life will be from the classes and shows danced with The Stoller School of Dancing.’’

Sara Hill (Past Pupil, currently studying for a Degree in Dance Studies at Middlesex University)

‘’My daughter joined the dance school about three years ago now. Right from when I first contacted Madeline I know it was a great school as she was so approachable, friendly and caring. All the children are like a big family and really look out for and support each other and really take care of the new pupils to make sure they feel welcome and part of the dance family. Grace absolutely loves going to all the dance classes and has developed in confidence and ability. I am so pleased that we made the decision to let Grace go dancing and more important found the Stoller School of Dancing to send her to.’’

Mrs D. Hagan (Parent of the School)

‘’The Stoller School of Dancing is great! You learn new things every week. I really enjoy it. I like to do the shows. Come and check it out!’’

Kayleigh Ives – Age 8 (Junior Pupil)

‘’I have danced with The Stoller School of Dancing for 8 years. The school is fun, great for fitness but also a great place to attend if your aim is to pursue a career in dance. We are constantly taught new steps and each year our dance shows get faster, harder and better. As a group we all get on really well and always welcome new people. Madeline is an amazing dance teacher and a credit to her school.’’

Jodie Ives (Senior & Adult Pupil)

‘’I first joined the adult tap class as I wasted to lose some weight following the birth of my second baby. I’ve never liked going to the gym so looked on the internet and found The Stoller School of Dancing classes in Cheshunt. I now take part in the adult tap, ballet and jazz classes, have lost lots of weight and gained a great social life. There is no unfriendly competition and the emphasis is on having fun whilst learning new steps and routines. It’s definitely a highlight of my week!’’

Mrs R. Ottery (Adult Pupil)

‘’My daughter, Emily, has attended The Stoller School of Dancing since 2004. In this time, she has progressed and developed her skills greatly being guided to improve her techniques. As well as developing her skills, I have noticed that Emily’s confidence has increased through going to the classes, as well as making a great group of friends. The school has always been very welcoming, friendly, fun and a wonderful experience for my daughter. Thank you Madeline.’’

Mrs D. Harrison (Parent of the School)

”I originally joined the adult tap and jazz classes some 5 years ago and was immediately hooked. The classes are great fun and a brilliant work out! Madeline teaches with a brilliant mix of professionalism and friendliness which makes you feel welcome straight away.
My daughter joined shortly afterwards and now attends, tap, ballet, modern, jazz and musical theatre classes. Watching her blossom since joining has been amazing, and the knowledge she has gained has been immeasurable.
My son has since joined musical theatre and jazz classes too and his confidence has grown enourmously. The chance to take part in shows is a great experience and gives a real feeling of being part of a huge family.
All I can say is well done Madeline your school is a credit to you!”

Mrs A. Royce (Parent & Adult Pupil)